What is Pulse Power Supply?


Pulse power supply has single positive pulse and double positive and negative pulse power supply, using a unique modulation technology, digital control. Positive pulse opening width (T+) and negative pulse opening time width (T-) can be adjusted in the whole cycle respectively. Forward current, voltage regulation, negative current, voltage can be adjusted independently.

Pulse power supply suitable for gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, tin plating, etc., can significantly improve the coating performance; When used for protective and decorative electroplating (such as decorative gold), it can make the coating uniform color, good brightness and strong corrosion resistance. In particular, the anode dissolution of the reverse pulse of the double-pulse power supply makes the metal ion concentration on the cathode surface rise rapidly, which is conducive to the use of high pulse current density in the subsequent cathode cycle, thus the coating is compact, bright and has low porosity. The anode stripping of the reverse pulse of the double pulse power supply can greatly reduce the adhesion of organic impurities (including brightener) in the coating, so the coating has high purity and strong discoloration resistance.

When the pulse power supply is used for electroplating, silver, nickel, tin, alloy, it can obviously improve the coating functionality; used for protection-decorative electroplating (such as decorative gold), can make the coating uniform color, good brightness, strong corrosion resistance; the purity of precious metals is higher when the pulse power supply is used for purifying precious metals. Pulse power supply is better than traditional electroplating power supply and is the development direction of electroplating power supply.

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