What is water treatment rectifier?

wastewater treatment rectifier

Water treatment rectifier is the special equipment that provides the electric field environment required by chemical method when treating water by chemical method.

Water treatment power supply is widely used in electrolysis for wastewater, seawater desalination, ballast water treatment, seawater or brine to make sodium hypochlorite (electrochlorination), water electrolysis for hydrogen production, applied to industrial, small, residential communities, schools and other water bodies, ballast water treatment; seawater treatment for industries using seawater as cooling system, such as cooling power plants, petrochemical industries, desalination facilities and other coastal industries.

Water treatment rectifiers can work in the state of regulated voltage and current limit or regulated current and voltage limit, the two states can be switched at will, with filtering function to prevent the power supply to start interference with the instrument, du the pollution of the power grid. And when the power supply load short circuit or power supply internal device short circuit, the air switch will automatically cut off the power supply. When the fault is removed, the rectifiers will also automatically resume work.

Rectifier for water treatment is mainly composed of high frequency rectifier filter circuit, full-bridge converter circuit, high frequency transformer, auxiliary power circuit and the main control unit. The main control unit circuit is mainly composed of phase loss protection circuit, temperature protection circuit, overload protection circuit, short circuit protection circuit and PWM circuit with PI regulation.

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