About Wastewater Treatment


Wastewater treatment mainly uses activated industrial waste iron chips to purify wastewater. When the wastewater comes into contact with the filler, electrochemical reaction, chemical reaction and physical action occur, including catalytic, oxidation, reduction, replacement, co-sinking, flocculation, adsorption and other comprehensive effects to remove various metal ions from the wastewater, so that the wastewater can be purified.

power supply for water electrolysis
Water Treatment Plant process at sunset

Wastewater treatment widely used in the fields of water reuse, industrial wastewater reuse, factory farming raw water detoxification treatment, power plants, chemical plants and other large cooling circulating water by-pass filtration systems; oilfield produced water reuse treatment, rolling steel emulsion waste treatment. Wastewater treatment power supply can be widely used in various wastewater treatment processes, such as electro-flocculation and electro-adsorption of electroplating wastewater, micro-electrolysis technology, as well as electrolytic precipitation or floating of heavy metals, diaphragm electrolysis, electro-dialysis and ion exchange method.

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