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Liyuan Haina is the most Professional Brand in China

Liyuan Haina Rectifier Group(Consist of Zhengzhou Liyuan Haina Rectifier Co., Ltd. &Jiangxi Liyuan Haina Rectifier Co., Ltd.& Dongguan Liyuan Haina Rectifier Co., Ltd. & Shenzhen Liyuan Haina Energy Co., Ltd .) was founded in 1997, is one National High-tech enterprise, which specializes in development and manufacture of IGBT Rectifier, Silicon controlled rectifier, Synchronous rectified power supply, Pulse power supply,Pulse silicon rectifier, Pulse Variable-frequency power supply and Energy-saving Power supply, company constantly absorb top technology from Italy, Germany, Japan and America, especially in high-frequency power supply with high-power needs, energy-saving synchronous power supply with high-power and SCR rectifier equipment with high power, company has accumulated much rich experience, a strong team of personnel in the research and development, which has very mature technology, at the same time, we pay much attentions to various fields in the energy-saving, intelligent improvement and promotion.

Our company give priority to the technology research and development

Our company specially focus on energy-saving and green power products research, not only has our own core research team, also cooperate with Hunan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanchang Aviation University and other universities, together have carried out extensive communication and deeper cooperation, actively used onto production, study, research and development, so that Liyuan company's technical, research and developing capability always be the most advanced in domestic power industry. Possessing this strong basis for cooperation in technology research and development, Liyuan company has created a number of advanced technologies.

Our products can meet the special needs of various industries on rectifier

Company's main products including: IGBT rectifier, high-power type of high-frequency power supply, high-power and energy-saving type of synchronous high-frequency power supply, high-power type of silicon rectifier, pulse power supply, variable-frequency power supply, electric vehicle charger, power products APF, SVG and high-power APFC, peak and valley power-saving inverter, microgrid inverter. At present, company is cooperating with Hunan university in the study of hydrogen energy storage methods of peak and valley energy-saving programs and devices.
Our Products are widely used in various industry like: Electrolysis, PCB plating, Metallurgy, Anodizing, Coloring, Electrophoresis, Electrochemical, Testing, Electrolytic gas, Electrolytic copper foil, Electrolytic nuclear raw materials, Environmental protection electrolysis, Water treatment electrolysis, Rare Earth electrolysis, Heating power supply, Surface treatment industry and etc.
Liyuan company strictly implement ISO quality management system, and series of products have passed CE certificates, our company has been implementing ERP management for many years, totally realized the networking, systematic computer control, forming a standardized and most efficient management system.

We achieve the great success in PCB plating industry!

Liyuan company's products have taken high market share in domestic PCB power market, maintains very closed communication with PCB end equipment manufacturers, brand potions and end-users for many years, raised many new technologies to improve PCB process quality and efficiency. The main products used in the PCB plating field are: High-frequency with energy-saving power supply in synchronous rectifier mode of TB series, high-speed positive and negative pulse power supply (VCP line and gantry line application), Random combination of modular power supply with dual outputs or four outputs; TB series alphabet all-in-one machine with single output or dual outputs; TB series air cooling or water cooling, we control with RS485 communication and reserved with additional WIFI function, Liyuan brand PCB power supply is top-advanced with stable performance (sealing and structural aspects), high efficiency (maximum efficiency can be more than 94%), high control accuracy, small volume and the same slot body installation mode, mostly reduce costs, improve uniformity, optimize the plating process and other comprehensive advantages.

Liyuan Haina is most professional manufacturer in research and development for energy-saving and high-power IGBT&SCR rectifier, company has the follow general achievements in product and technology:

  • 1997
  • 2006
  • 2010
  • 2012
  • 2015
  • 2017
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023
  1. Liaoyuan electric appliance factory was founded in Panyu, Guangzhou, and changed its name to Guangzhou Liyuan Electric Equipment Co., LTD in 2005.
  2. Jiujiang Liyuan Rectifier Equipment Co., LTD was established.
  3. Passed ISO9001 quality certification system.
  4. The first domestic launch of energy-saving synchronous rectified power supply (our company’s third generation TB mode).
  5. Won the national high-tech enterprise.
  6. Jiujiang Liyuan Electric Appliance Industrial Park of 100 acre was started.
  7. With the introduction of Schneider fine digital system management, Liyuan Electric Appliance Industrial Park was put into operation in December of the same year.
  8. Zhengzhou Liyuan Haina Rectifier Co., Ltd. was established to carry out overseas promotion.
  9. New plant put into use.

Liyuan Haina always adhering to the business concept of "professional, brand, innovation, service", we put the quality and customer always be first, and strive to create a stable and reliable IGBT rectifier, high-frequency power supply, synchronous mode power supply, high-power SCR rectifier, pulse power supply, variable-frequency power supply and power quality products, always focus on increasing the product Energy-saving, intelligent and green environmental development, making greater contribution to domestic and foreign power industry, with warm attitudes and outstanding talent training, we constantly break through the technology field, actively invest in innovative research and development, do our utmost to build our company as the best Chinese rectifier brand.

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