Develop History

  • 1997In 1997, Mr. Ruilu Huang founded Liyuan power Factory in Guangzhou .
  • 1998 In early 1998, Liyuan started to produce high power silicon controlled rectifier of different sizes.
    In 1998, the low power high frequency power supply was successfully developed. At the same time,  SCR rectifier has been widely used in electroplating, electrolysis, electrochemistry, oxidation, electrophoresis, smelting, electroforming and other fields.
  • 2000In 2000, Liyuan changed its name to Guangzhou Panyu Liyuan power Factory.
  • 2001In 2001, Liyuan brought in advanced technology and developed IGBT high power switching power supply.
  • 2002In 2002, the intelligent and digitalize networking control system for rectifiers was successfully developed.
    In 2002, Liyuan became the No.1 brand in PCB plating industry.
  • 2003In 2003, the high frequency power supply of high-power was successfully developed.
  • 2004In 2004, Liyuan employed a group of high qualified Engineers and founded Guangzhou Liyuan power Co., Ltd.
  • 2005In 2005, HK Liyuan Electrical power Co., Ltd was founded.
  • 2006In 2006, Dongguan Liyuan power Co., Ltd was founded.
    In 2006, Series of Liyuan power supply got the CE certificate.
    In 2006, Jiujiang Liyuan power Co., Ltd was founded in Jiujiang cheng Industrial zone of Jiangxi province.
    In 2006,Liyuan planned to transfer the production base for high power controlled silicon power supply and high power high frequency power supply to Jiujiang factory. Then Jiujiang Liyuan power Co., Ltd has been the station to develop on the domestic market.
    In 2006, the new factory in Jiujiang was put into use. Its total area is 30 Acre and the building area is 8000 square meters.
  • 2007In 2007, the super high power mode power supply implemented into nuclear industry.
    In 2007, rectifiers made by Liyuan entered into the top grade electroanalysis copper and foil industry.
  • 2008In 2008, Liyuan established cooperation relations with some domestic colored metal groups, providing rectified power supply.
  • 2009In 2009, the first 50KA high frequency power supply in China was put into use in the industry of top grade psychoanalysis copper and foil.
  • 2010In 2010, The first HISB-15000A/22V intelligent energy-saving mode high-frequency power supply operated successfully in Guangdong Feng aluminum. It became the first manufacturer to apply energy-saving high-frequency power supply to aluminum profile industry.
  • 2011In 2011, The first fully automatic vertical with double-sided HISB-15000A/22V coloration electrophoresis line with 24 intelligent energy-saving high-frequency oxidation power supply was put into operation in Guangdong Feng Aluminium Co., Ltd.
  • 2013In 2013, Special 18 pulse wave ,24 pulse wave phase shift harmonic control device used in Anhui Huaxin Copper Foil Co., Ltd. which hold by Ling Nonferrous Metals Group and Lingbao Gold Holding Group, it successfully promote the use.
  • 2014In 2014, The third generation synchronous rectifier model TBSB G24KA16V improved high frequency power supply exported to a group in Malaysia, its stable performance and energy-saving advantages were recognized by the Japanese experts group.
  • 2015In 2015, The high power industrial power supply 45 KA7V with WIFI wireless terminal monitoring function runs smoothly in the electrolytic copper foil industry, which started a model of intelligent power supply industry.
  • 2016In 2016, 30 units TBSB G16KA22V third generation improved energy-saving synchronous rectifier of high frequency oxidation power supply used in Guangdong Feng Aluminum  company, once again strongly shocked energy-saving equipment in this industry.
  • 2018In 2018, HNPF type positive and negative pulse power supply broadly used into PCB electroplating process.
  • 2020In 2020, Zhengzhou Liyuan Rectifier Co.,Ltd was established, which specially in charge of all overseas marketing, start group’s step to be worldwide manufacturer.
  • 2022In 2022, Jiujiang Liyuan Rectifier officially changed its name to Jiangxi Liyuan Haina Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • 2023In 2023, Zhengzhou Liyuan Rectifier Co.,Ltd officially changed its name to Zhengzhou Liyuan Haina Technology Co.,Ltd.

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