Routine maintenance and care of electroplating power supply


Electroplating power supply, also known as high-frequency switching power supply, is one of the most widely used equipment in actual production. Its maintenance and maintenance is very critical. It not only affects the service life of electroplating power supply equipment, but also directly determines the smoothness of the production process. Reasonable maintenance and maintenance measures can make electroplating power equipment efficient operation, so as to achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency.

1、Data analysis should be done regularly

We will switch the power supply computer recorded a variety of information regularly printed out, you can easily understand the history of the power supply itself, such as when the AC interruption occurred, and the current working state of the power supply and so on. Through the analysis of this information, certain problems can be found, such as the need for timely data modification.

2、Dustproof isolation device should be installed

We know that there is no dust isolation device in the machine room, the machine room contains a large amount of dust. As the majority of switching power supply using forced air cooling, air flow is bound to bring dust into the equipment, and switching power supply should not be frequently disassembled and cleaned, excessive accumulation of dust, when wet weather will cause leakage and short circuit, resulting in failure. Recently, with the deterioration of the environment, dust pollution has been one of the main sources of pollution.

3、Timely implementation of centralized monitoring

Daily operation should check whether all parts of the equipment work normally. During operation, attention should be paid to various abnormal phenomena, such as abnormal running sounds, changes in operating voltage and current correspondence, which may be faults or precursors of faults, and should be able to detect and eliminate in a timely manner. To do regular testing of AC input power to see if the phase is missing, the voltage is too high or too low.

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