Advantages of pulse power supply


Pulse power supply has single positive pulse and double positive and negative pulse power supply, using a unique modulation technology, digital control. Positive pulse opening width (T+) and negative pulse opening time width (T-) can be adjusted in the whole cycle respectively. Forward current, voltage regulation, negative current, voltage can be adjusted independently. Can fully meet the different needs of customers.


1.Compact size,light weight

The volume and weight of the high frequency pulse power supply is one-fifth to one-tenth of that of the controllable power supply, making it easy to plan, expand, maintain and install.

2. Good energy saving effect

The switching power supply of high frequency pulse power supply is made of high frequency transformer, which greatly improves the conversion efficiency. Under normal circumstances, the efficiency of the equipment can be improved by more than 10%. When the load rate reaches below 70%, the efficiency of the silicon control equipment can be improved by more than 30%.

3. High output stability

Because of the rapid response of the high frequency pulse power supply system, it can have strong adaptability to the changes of the network electricity and load, and can make the output accuracy better than 1%, so that the switching power supply work efficiency is higher, so the precision of control will be higher, which can effectively help to improve the quality of products.

4. The output waveform is easily modulated

Due to the high frequency of the high frequency pulse power supply, the output waveform adjustment processing cost is low, can be more convenient to change the output waveform according to the requirements of the user, which can not only improve the efficiency of the work site, but also improve the quality of processed products.

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