Application of electroplating power supply


Plating power supply is the main equipment in plating production, which can provide certain voltage, current and output waveform conforming to the process requirements to the cathode and anode of the plating tank to ensure the quality requirements of different plating layers.

High frequency plating power supply can be widely used in PCB plating, hardware plating, continuous plating, hard chrome plating, rare earth smelting, oxidation, electrophoresis, electrolysis, water treatment and many other fields. Compared with traditional rectifier, it has unique features: small size, light weight, high efficiency and high precision control. It also enhances the current strength of the dead corner part, so that the uniformity of the plating layer of each part of the plated object is consistent, and the surface of the plated object is fine and high gloss. It adopts anti-salt spray acidification measures to increase the service life of the power supply in harsh environments.

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