The important role of DC regulated power supply


DC regulated power supply is an electronic device that can provide a stable DC power supply to the load, and is widely used in national defense, scientific research, universities and colleges, laboratories, industrial and mining enterprises, electrolysis, electroplating, charging equipment and other DC power supply.

The technical indicators of DC regulated power supply can be divided into two categories: one is the characteristic indicators, reflecting the inherent characteristics of DC regulated power supply, such as input voltage, output voltage, output current, output voltage regulation range; The other is the quality index, reflecting the advantages and disadvantages of DC regulated power supply, including stability, equivalent internal resistance current changes to the influence of the power supply noise.

With the development of electronic equipment towards high precision, high stability and high reliability, high requirements are put forward for the power supply of electronic equipment. Due to the characteristics of electronic technology, the requirement of electronic equipment for power supply circuit is to provide continuous and stable electric energy to meet the requirements of the load. And under normal circumstances are required to provide stable direct current energy, to provide this stable direct current power supply is DC regulated power supply.

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