The development and innovation of electroplating power supply


Plating power supply is a direct current device that converts industrial frequency AC power into different voltages, frequencies and waveforms. In the high frequency switching power supply both rectifier technology and inverter technology are used. In the history of the development of electroplating enterprises, electroplating power supply has also gone through four major development stages.

1, DC generator stage of this power supply energy consumption, low power, noise. Now it has been screened.
2, silicon rectifier stage is the replacement of the DC generator, the skills are very sophisticated, but low power, large size, control is not convenient. Now, there are still many companies using this electroplating power supply.
3, silicon controlled rectifier is the current mainstream power supply to replace silicon rectifier power supply, with high efficiency, small size, convenient regulation and control. With the maturity and development of the core device silicon controlled technology. The power supply technology is becoming increasingly mature, has been widely used.
4, transistor switching power supply that pulse power stage pulse plating power supply is the most advanced plating power supply today, its emergence is a revolution in the plating power supply. This power supply has a small size, high efficiency, superior performance, stable ripple coefficient. And it is not easily affected by the output current, etc. Pulse electroplating power supply is the direction of development and is now being used in enterprises.

High frequency and high efficiency electroplating industry is a famous energy-consuming industry, and its power consumption is one of its main production costs. Traditional electroplating power supply has high energy consumption, low efficiency, low control precision, large size, bulky and other defects; the process lacks scientific and reasonable control means, which also causes a lot of power loss. Therefore, the high efficiency of electroplating power supply device is its inevitable development trend, and high frequency is the main way to improve the efficiency of the power supply. Electroplating enterprises in the choice of electroplating power supply, to keep pace with the times, innovative process technology, in order to promote the sustainable development of electroplating enterprises.

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