Differences for high frequency power supply and ordinary power supply

high frequency rectifiers

Characteristics of ordinary power supply:

The ordinary power supply usually is the linear type, it refers to the voltage regulator tube to work in a linear state of power supply. However, this is different from high frequency  power supplies. Switching tubes (often referred to as adjusting tubes in switching power supplies) operate in two states: the on-resistance is very small; Close - high resistance.

Characteristics of high frequency power supply:

High frequency power supply usually consists of a (Pulse Width Modulation)PWM control IC and a MOSFET. With the development and innovation of power electronics technology, power supply is mainly used in small size, light weight, high efficiency characteristics almost applied to all electronic equipment, its importance is obvious.

High frequency power supply is a relatively new type. It has the advantages of high efficiency, light weight, voltage increase and decrease and high output power, low power consumption, wide application range of AC voltage and DC output ripple coefficient is better.

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