Electrodialysis electrolytic power supply


Electrodialysis is the process of selective passage of charged ions in solution through ion exchange membranes under the action of DC electric field, and currently electrodialysis is mainly applied to the separation of electrolytes in solution.

Electrodialysis rectifier has the main advantages of simple process, high salt removal rate, low cost of water production, easy operation, no pollution to the environment, etc. It is widely used in seawater desalination and process solution, which can desalinate brackish water with salt content up to 60g/l into drinking water and solve the source of drinking water in desert areas. And the operation is simple and pollution-free. The water treatment electrodialysis power supply only needs to add low concentration of acid solution when cleaning the dirt on the membrane surface, consuming less chemicals and not polluting the environment.

In principle, electrodialysis is an electrolytic cell with a diaphragm, which uses the selective permeability of ion exchange membranes. The cation exchange membrane allows only cations to pass and blocks anions to pass, while the anion exchange membrane allows only anions to pass. Under the action of the applied DC electric field, the ions in the water make directional migration, so that most of the ions in one way of water migrate to the other way of ion water, thus achieving the purpose of desalination of saline water.

Electrodialysis power supply can simultaneously desalinate, concentrate, separate and purify the electrolyte solution, and can also be used for the purification of non-electrolytes such as sucrose to remove the electrolytes.

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