Heat dissipation method of high frequency power supply

air-cooled rectifiers

High frequency power supply, also known as tube frequency conversion device, is the key equipment of high frequency induction furnace. High frequency power supply and induction heating technology can heat metal materials in a high efficiency, high speed, low power consumption and environmentally friendly manner. At present, the methods of heat dissipation to HF switching power supply mainly include fan cooling, natural cooling and a combination of the two.

1, fan heat dissipation. The use of fans for cooling can greatly increase the volume and weight of the HF switching power supply, and can greatly reduce the cost of raw materials.
2. Natural heat dissipation. This method is the first traditional cooling method for high frequency switching power supply. This method mainly relies on large metal radiator for direct heat dissipation.
3. Combine fan and natural heat dissipation. The combination of the fan and the natural cooling method can dissipate heat more quickly due to changes in ambient temperature and load
4. Attributes:
Natural cooling without mechanical failure, high reliability, no airflow, less dust, good heat dissipation, no noise.

Pure fan cooling is simple and cheap.
The combination of fan and natural cooling technology has the characteristics of effectively reducing the size and weight of the equipment, prolonging the life of the fan and adapting to fan failures to a large extent.

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