Seawater desalination and process


The process of obtaining fresh water from seawater is known as desalination. The desalination methods used are seawater freezing, electrodialysis, distillation, reverse osmosis, and ammonium carbonate ion exchange.

The current desalination must be the new desalination method that can be proposed directly using unstable DC power, namely DC electrolysis and electrodialysis desalination method, so that the salt and alkaline components in seawater are electrolyzed into chlorine gas, chemicals and hydrogen precipitation, and the remaining water becomes desalinated water, i.e., electrolyzed desalinated water. This method can rectify the unstable AC power into DC if it encounters unstable wind or ocean power generation, and it is feasible to use it directly for electrolysis of seawater, and the chlorine, hydrogen and chemicals produced by electrolysis are important chemical raw materials and clean energy. In addition, this method is increasingly used in many fields such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, real estate property, etc.

The water treatment electrolysis power supply adopts a fully digital trigger control system, which makes the power supply trigger better consistency and higher stability accuracy in the process of desalination. The production of the choice of lower voltage, high stability of silicon components, greatly improving the efficiency and reliability of the equipment, good sealing effect, greatly reducing the corrosion of the power supply, improve the service life of the power supply equipment.

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