Electric flocculation power supply


Electric flocculation power, also called wastewater treatment power, is mainly about removing pollutants and toxic substances from wastewater by chemical coagulants under the action of electrolytic ionization and converting them into non-toxic substances. This process can remove various pollutants without the need for chemicals or filters.

Electric flocculation power can be used in a wide variety of industries for wastewater treatment. For example, electroplating wastewater, car washing wastewater, bleaching, dyeing and textile wastewater, paper mill wastewater, and domestic wastewater treatment in tourist and scenic areas. When treating wastewater, it has a precipitation effect on the colloidal and suspended impurities and removes a large amount of pollutants from the wastewater because of the redox effect of the anode and cathode. The electric flocculation power supply separates the impurities in the wastewater by precipitation under the action of direct current, while the separated pollutant particles are destabilized and aggregated by the action of electrodes. The electrode plate of electric flocculation power supply can be made of different materials according to the different substances to be removed, resulting in strong flocculation, strong oxidation, strong reduction, strong air floatation, etc.

The IGBT power module is used inside the electric flocculation power supply, which is small in size, light in weight, easy to move and install, and also supports automatic and semi-automatic processing processes such as PLC.

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