The composition of high frequency power supply


The high frequency power supply works through the high frequency of MOSFET or IGBT, and the switching frequency is generally controlled within the range of 50-100KHz to achieve high efficiency and miniaturization.

High-frequency power supply system is usually composed of four parts: AC distribution module, rectifier module, DC distribution module and centralized monitoring module.

(1)The AC power distribution module handles, protects and monitors the AC power supply and interfaces with the rectifier module.

(2)Rectifier module changes AC to DC.

(3)The DC distribution module is responsible for supplying power to the DC load.

(4)The centralized monitoring module is used for intelligent management of AC input power supply, rectifier module, output power supply and battery bank, and realizes data monitoring, fixed value setting and off-limit alarm. Also equipped with RS-232CT, RS-485 serial communication interface, in order to achieve remote communication, telemetry, remote and remote control.

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