Applications of water treatment rectifiers


Water treatment electrolysis rectifier is a kind of equipment that purifies water through chemical or physical methods.

Water treatment equipment can be divided into the following categories: sewage treatment equipment, Edi ultra-pure water equipment, reverse osmosis equipment, deionised water equipment, water purifiers, ultra-pure water equipment. These water treatment plants can treat sewage from factories, residential areas, slaughterhouses, office buildings, scenic areas, stations, airports, harbour terminals and other areas.

The main application industries are:

  • Printing and dyeing industry: water for textile printing and dyeing, paper making, skin care products, hair dye, washing, etc.
  • Chemical industry: chemical reaction cooling, chemical agents, fertilizer and fine chemical, cosmetic manufacturing process water system.
  • Microelectronics industry: semiconductors, picture tubes, computer circuit boards, solar cells. Water for dry batteries, coated glass and storage batteries.
  • Laboratories: chemical, physical and biological laboratories.
  • Automotive industry: surface painting, cleaning, electroplating, etc.
  • Food industry: beer filtration, living quarters, food;
  • Medical pharmaceutical industry: injection, pharmaceutical, biochemical products, artificial kidney dialysis water and hemodialysis water.
  • Farm industry: fish and shrimp farming, ornamental fish, etc.
  • Other industries: seawater, brackish water desalination, schools, communities, hotels, real estate properties, quality water supply.

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