10KV 50KA Rectifier for caustic soda process

  • High-power rectifier has very high power output and can be directly connected via the high voltage, e.g. AC6KV, AC 10KV, AC35KV, AC110KV, etc.
  • The original voltage of the transformer can be regulated via the load switch, or rough regulation of load switch plus fine regulation of saturated reactor.
  • The main rectification current can be connected via the star triangle reverse or initial phase shift to compose the equivalent 12 and 24 pulse waves to reduce the harmonious wave content and improve the DC output ripple wave coefficient.
  • The device cabinet is designed as the steel and aluminum alloy structure and the same-phase negative parallel connection is used to reduce influences due to the vortex and high current magnetic field, reduce the device loss, and improve product efficiency.
  • The rectification transformer is cooled via dry mode or oil mode. Generally the separated oil cooled mode is sued for high-voltage input connection.
Rectifier for copper electrolytic

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