Hydrogen Electrolysis Industry


India Customer 50V 1000A hydrogen electrolysis Rectifier

Project description:

TDFB-50V/1000AOutput current: 0~1000A; Output voltage: 0~50V


According to customer’s requirements, they need a rectifier for water-electrolytic hydrogen making equipment. A common water electrolysis technique involves putting electrolytic water into a stack composed of catalytic cells and extracting hydrogen through a chemical reaction with electricity. Catalysts are connected to a power source to decompose water into oxygen and hydrogen gas and are normally made from expensive metals such as platinum or iridium.

The TB series synchronous rectifier power supply independently developed by Liyuan is more energy efficient stable in output performance. Made of the most energy-saving high-frequency MOSFET switching power supply, Liyuan third generation of new energy-saving MOSFET switching power supply, using synchronous rectifier MOS tube imported from the United States, Its voltage drop is only 0.IV, 0.6V lower than that of the ordinary second-generation HIGH-FREQUENCY switching power diode 0.7V, high current parallel structure and patented transformer design, efficiency can be up to 94% or more. This type of power supply has been used in many large projects at home and abroad for many years, energy-saving effect is obvious, and stable and reliable, It has been well received by many users.

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